"I wholeheartedly recommend Marisa as an acupuncturist. She is clearly knowledgeable and always knows the correct course of action to take based on symptoms and a thorough inquiry regarding the discomfort. She has helped me tremendously towards a healthier and pain-free life. I’ve recommended several people to her and all have been helped in a profound way. To me, Marisa has a natural gift for healing and that is something I’m grateful for."
Don Andreasen

"Being a breast cancer survivor for 4 years has not been easy and without Marisa’s knowledgeable, nurturing and meticulous treatment, I know I would not be feeling so well. After all the radiation treatments and partial hysterectomy my body and mind were in a downward tailspin. But weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements provided by Marisa have reversed the side effects of the radiation and have actually cut the hot flashes by 80%. I am mentally much calmer now too. All this has been achieved in little over a year and a half and I’m feeling better than ever!" 
Lisa Alexander

I decided to take several sessions of acupuncture to stimulate an area on my face affected by nerve damage. Upon arrival at the clinic, I met Marisa and I knew right away that I was in good hands. Her dedication to the science of acupuncture is reinforced by the ease with which she performs the procedures and shares relevant knowledge with her clients. She is not only an excellent practitioner, but a very open and friendly confidant. I see consistent results as time goes on; this is certainly concrete evidence of a successful treatment. For anyone considering acupuncture or any other services Marisa offers, rest assured - you will be well taken care of!
Connor Vilaca

"I started with acupuncture to build upon my general well being. Marisa has created such a calming atmosphere that I immediately felt very at ease. My four treatments have greatly helped me to manage my stressful job in the financial services business. Being forty-eight, I am now working more towards a truly balanced lifestyle. Marisa’s warm personality and clear knowledge of Eastern tradition are a gift that she has willingly shared and from which I have greatly benefitted."

I came to Marisa with a worsening hip and thigh problem that had developed over the last few years as a result of a car accident in my youth. The orthopedic tried to convince me that a hip replacement would be the "right" thing to do. As that is completely unappealing to me, I went for 30 treatments of physio therapy. Unfortunately I didn't get the result I hoped to see. My wife then implanted the seed of acupuncture into my brain. I never thought to have needles stuck into my body. But my mind changed after my first session of acupuncture with Marisa. Already the first session showed more effect on my entire body than the 30 sessions of physio therapy. I feel like I've regained so much mobility that I could do ballroom dancing with my wife. Although I haven't reached the final goal yet, I know I will with Marisa's help. She's the practitioner that treats the core problem and not just the symptom. She knows how important it is to have the body balanced, advises me on other things that I can do to improve my health and she always reminds me to listen to my body. So here I am, four treatments later and I love feeling the progress. Thank you Marisa! 

"After breast cancer surgery at age 70, it was suggested that I might want to consider acupuncture in addition to radiation therapy. My father was a physician and surgeon and he had always admired Chinese medicine. The hospital where my radiation was carried out had a connection with the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and I began going to their clinic for treatment. Amongst the many competent interns, one was in a category of her own, not just for her touch and technique, but for her holistic outlook and inclusive philosophy. I followed Marisa Anaya when she opened her own practice. Her technique is flawless. In addition, Marisa offers what I call "life tips:" information, suggestions about nutrition, exercise, body movement, posture and many small helps to include in one's daily life. The result is an enhanced general sense of well being. Marisa is a remarkably gifted practitioner, as well as an empathetic individual. 
I would follow her anywhere!"   C.J.G.R. 

"Why did I start seeing Marisa for acupuncture? I really thought it would add to my well being. But NEVER in my wildest thoughts did it occur to me how it would help. After all I’m in my 80’s and I just couldn’t believe after the first treatment how my body positively responded, it was a true eye opener. Now after 6 treatments my energy level has greatly increased, my “brain fog” has cleared, I can actually feel that the blood circulation has improved immeasurably in my limbs, but most of all every day is a joy to live."

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